Monday, February 9, 2009

Well, this cartoon appeared on my Facebook page today (thank you Graham) and I just had to pass it on. Actually we are off tonight to take more vital mail from Toronto to Edmonton. You may have twigged that the drive to Edmonton isn't rivetting, will there be another brilliant roadsign somewhere in Saskatchewan? Unlikely.
So, I will just have to spend the trip musing on life in general and trucking in particular. Big questions for this week will include: Am I getting any stronger? Is it getting any easier to sleep? How's the night vision coming along? Why do I lose half a stone on every run and end up needing a belt on the trousers that fitted when I left home? Is the word 'coping' in any way faintly relevant yet? Will I remember to dig out the camera and take a picture of something truckish?
Off to pack a cooler full of healthy snacks. See you soon.

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