Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All change

It’s been ages. I know. ‘What happened to the blog?’ I’m being asked. And it is high time I told you.
It appears, you see, that I may not be quite strong enough to be a trucker after all, and that is quite a difficult thing for an intrepid trail blazer to admit. Just after the last, terrifying, sleep deprived, icy, whiteout of a drive I had some trouble getting out of the cab. I could drive ok but unaccountably couldn’t walk. Whisked off for tests to check for worrying things like MS and brain tumours, I wasn’t allowed to drive until some doc or other deemed it safe.
The good news is that I don’t have MS or a brain tumour. The bad news is that some of the symptoms continue, as do the tests; and it looks like whatever I do have will turn out to be something that doesn’t respond well to physical exhaustion.
So, here I am, an apparently ex-trucker, with half a book about the joys of trucking and a blog that was just starting to get interesting. It has been pointed out to me though that I don’t have to become an ex-writer as well. The blog can be about other things. Lots of people blog about non intrepid lives. And, as Ben works on a play about the wilder aspects of life in the B&B we used to run when we first arrived in Canada, I am reminded that emigration has its exciting side, even if it generates fewer songs and urban legends.
So, just to get the ball rolling again I am planning to revisit some of the articles I wrote back in the early days, pop a few of my favourite stories up here to get back in the swing of things. Then perhaps the Book of the B&B will emerge, tale by tale. Or maybe I will become an intrepid local reporter...the hidden delights of Mennonite country. Dunno.
I think the title will remain however. Not sure where the blog is going but to keep calling it Trucking in English appeals to my sense of the absurd. And to keep the sense of failure at bay, it will serve as a reminder that I did almost make it, a bit, for a while.
If you feel inclined to watch this space, something will appear.
And thanks for all the nagging, you know who you are...

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